Wedding Party

Andrew Montague

Best Man

Andrew and Andrew (Monty) have been friends since primary school, riding their bikes to school everyday as part of the notorious gang "EB83s". They've both done their fair share of moving around over the years, but whenever they reunite it's like nothing has changed and their conversations are just as stupid and pointless. Monty is now living and working in New York.

Alan Watson


Alan is Andrew's older and only brother. They've always been close, but became even closer when Andrew moved himself into Alan's apartment above Hope Bros every weekend for a year. After both moving to the UK to work and travel, Alan decided to abandon his little brother and stay there.

Hamish Meiklejohn


Hamish and Andrew also met at primary school at the prestigious Wellesley College. Hamish is one of Andrew's closest friends and is always Andrew's first point of call when he needs to go for a beer. He has always been the most generous guy - the first point of call in a sticky situation or when the boys need a driver to RnV/Auckland/Hawkes Bay/Coromandel. Anyone need a ride at the wedding?

Luke Laban


Luke and Andrew first met in high school and became good friends once Luke discovered the miracle of margaritas. In Shani's opinion, whenever Luke and Andrew catch up the conversation is 90% video game chat, 10% repeating the same joke to each other over and over. Luke is now living in Japan teaching English in a school.

Jack Blanchard


Jack (Bundy) and Andrew were good friends through high school and became really close when they did their gap year together along with Andy Taylor in the UK. After travelling Europe together and getting into a few tricky situations, they've had some hectic adventures and made some great memories. Bundy is back over in the UK, living in London.

Jerry Zhao


Jerry was also one of Andrew's good friends through high school. Jerry has one of the rarest sense of humour around and still to this day we're not sure if he's serious about some of the things he says. Jerry now lives in Melbourne, but is just a short facebook message away, often mentioning how successful he is and how much better he is than Monty.

Alex Benton

Maid of Honor

Alex and Shani have been best friends since they were neighbours during university. Alex said she liked Shani's shoes and the next time she came over she had bought herself the same pair and was wearing them. The rest is history! Alex is the cutest and most selfless friend. Her and Shani have shared some major milestones over the years and can't wait to celebrate this next one together.

Kayla Gray


Kayla is Shani's little baby sister. They are sometimes mistaken for twins, but they couldn't be more different in personality. Their differences in personality complement each other when travelling, which means they have had some amazing adventures together - flying over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, canyoneering in Costa Rica, and downing steins of beer at Oktoberfest in Germany. Every adventure brings them closer together.

Donna Jurgens


Donna is Shani's big sister who lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and Shani's two nephews. They have lived far from each other for most of Shani's adult life, which makes the time they spend together that much more special. Growing up, Donna was always there for Shani, especially for make-up and nail emergencies! Shani was Donna's bridesmaid at age 11, and can't wait to have Donna by her side as she gets married herself.

Laura Sangster


Laura and Shani lived around the corner from each other during high school, and walked to and from school together most days. They spent their university years and most of their working life living in Wellington and have had so much fun together, especially on Friday Wine Days. Laura is always up for anything and the pair are always laughing, finding themselves hilarious.

Mandy Armstrong


Mandy and Shani first met around age 10, at Sharyn Underwood School of Dance. After giving up their promising dance careers, they both moved to Wellington at the same time for university. Mandy is the ultimate girls' girl and the two have had many years of food and wine indulgence, girls nights and tearing up the dance floor!

Scarlett Cvitanovich


Scarlett and Shani have been friends since they were little, following in their mothers' footsteps who are also really good friends. Growing up together involved a lot of barbies, sleepovers, Spice Girls and cat club meetings. They recently spent a year together in London, filled with so many adventures (and so many hangovers). Shani can't wait to have Scarlett home for the wedding.
Poi Velasco